Making Changes is a workshop for women who have experienced domestic abuse in the past or who are currently in an abusive relationship. The programme aims to increase knowledge of domestic abuse and how it happens.

The workshop provides an opportunity for women to come to terms with, and understand, their own lived experience; to overcome their personal challenges; to explore the impact domestic abuse can have on their lives and that of their children.

Making Changes offers opportunities for women to come together in safety; to identify what they have in common; to support each other and move forward positively.

Groups run over 12 weekly sessions, each session lasting two and half hours. Groups usually meet in term time.

Group meetings are currently being held in Corsham, Trowbridge, and Amesbury

For further details and/or to reserve your place (if one is available) on a workshop:

Please ring our secure helpdesk: 01225 775276 or use the online Referral form

*Please do not be put off by travel costs or childcare. We do not offer a crèche, but we aim to meet those individual costs if necessary on a case by case basis - please discuss it with the team. 

Outline of the sessions being offered:

Session One - What is domestic Abuse? - introductory - looks at definitions and types

Session Two - Who is Responsible? and Why women stay - perceptions on responsibility and barriers around leaving

Session Three - Cycle of Violence - understanding the cycle

Session Four - Recognising Triggers - how and why - helping women relate to their own 'triggers'

Session Five - Grief and Loss - thoughts, feelings and behaviour of a victim

Session Six - Survivor - what is a survivor? - nature of change during transition from an abusive relationship

Session Seven - Impact on Children - the witnessing of domestic abuse by children - positive parenting

Session Eight - Self Esteem - body language and negative influences

Session Nine - Assertive Communication - communicating effectively and positively

Session Ten - Having Your Say - healthy ways of communicating in writing

Session Eleven - Healthy Relationships - distinguishing between abusive and non-abusive

Session Twelve - A Celebration - How was the Journey For You?


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