Keeping Safe Online

Who are you giving your details to?

Sending contact details and/or addresses to people you don’t know that well. When talking to new people you don’t know for sure they are who they say they are, this is why you shouldn’t give out your full name, your home address or school that you go to. You shouldn’t give out your mobile number if you don’t know the person well enough.


Most popular social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, and when you are on these sites you are having too much fun to take into consideration the consequences of passing on personal information or broadcasting your personal information publicly. Leaving your address or mobile number on a comment for one person leaves you open to abuse from people that can see this comment and that will take advantage of that.

Surveys from these social networking sites can cause havoc. For example one survey may ask for the middle 3 digits and another survey for the same site could ask for the last 4, this is how many people get your phone number, so be careful and don’t put your number on these surveys.

There have been many incidents where young girls have thought they could trust a new founded friend and given their details out, this has lead them to being stalked and harassed.

The same applies to giving your details to someone you kind of know, be careful that they won’t pass on this information to people that you do not intend giving the information too!  

Leaving your personal details or giving them to somebody may not result in problems straight away, however in the future if you make it public that you are having a get together or a party at your home then people that have address could make this turn into a night you definitely won’t forget, either gate crashing or making it public to their friends leading to a lot of uninvited guests!

Nobody is saying you have to do all these things, however it is worth it in the long run. Don’t let yourself or your child be a victim of any of the scams and harassment that is out lurking in the wonders of the Internet.

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