Keeping Safe Online

Sending explicit messages, images and videos

It is now so easy to send pictures instantly via e-mails and texts that we are seeing instances of boys or girls sending sexual images of themselves to others without considering the consequences. This is known today as ‘Sexting’.


"They often find out later that the image has been passed on to many others and as a result they can be the victims of bullying or harassment."

"In some rare instances we have seen these images end up in the collections of offenders." 

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre have evidence to suggest that some images that get uploaded across the internet end up on websites that paedophiles use.

Once these pictures have got to many others they could use Bluetooth to carry on sending these pictures around school, youth centres and to other people they meet. Some cases the picture could end up on a social networking site and across the internet, further so some people have even been known to go as far as putting contact details with the picture and this could lead to harassment.

Even though young people are encouraged to use technology to stay in touch they also need to be aware of the dangers.  

Along with pictures and videos there is a code for texting however this has not been deemed as popular the code is still used. This is so young people can ‘Sext’ whilst they are in the company of parents or other family members and unless you know the code you won’t know what that person is sending.

1. 8 - Oral sex
2. 1337 - Elite
3. 143 - I love you
4. 182 - I hate you
5. 459 - I love you
6. 1174 - Nude club
7. 420 - Marijuana
8. ADR - Address
9. ASL - Age/Sex/Location
10. Banana - Penis
11. CD9 - Code 9 - it means parents is around
12. DUM - Do You Masturbate?
13. DUSL - Do You Scream Loud?
14. FB - F*** Buddy
15. FMLTWIA - F*** Me Like the Whore I Am
16. FOL - Fond of Leather
17. GNOC - Get Naked On Cam
18. GYPO - Get Your Pants Off
19. IAYM - I Am Your Master
20. IF/IB - In the Front -or- In the Back
21. IIT - Is It Tight?
22. ILF/MD - I Love Female/Male Dominance
23. IMEZRU - I Am Easy, Are You?
24. IWSN - I Want Sex Now
25. J/O - Jerking Off
26. KFY -or- K4Y - Kiss For You
27. Kitty - Vagina
28. KPC - Keeping Parents Clueless
29. LMIRL - Let's Meet In Real Life
30. MOOS - Member of the Opposite Sex
31. MOSS - Member(s) Of the Same Sex
32. MorF - Male or Female
33. MOS - Mum over Shoulder
34. MPFB - My Personal F*** Buddy
35. NALOPKT - Not A Lot of People Know That
36. NIFOC - Nude In Front Of the Computer
37. NMU - Not Much, You?
38. P911 - Parent Alert
39. PAL - Parents Are Listening
40. PAW - Parents Are Watching
41. PIR - Parent in Room
42. POS - Parent Over Shoulder -or- Piece of Sh**
43. PRON - Porn
44. Q2C - Quick To Cum
45. RU/18 - Are You Over 18?
46. RUH - Are You Horny?
47. S2R - Send To Receive
48. SorG - Straight or Gay
49. TDTM - Talk Dirty To Me
50. WYCM - Will You Call Me?

Even though this code is secretive, many parents have cracked this code and found out. There is now an app that you can install onto your phone that allows you to hide notifications, messages, contacts pictures etc. One popular app is called ‘Hidden Text’ and is free on the Google Play app store from smart phones, eg iPhone, Blackberry’s and Android Phones. This is among many different apps and they allow the user to hide anything they don’t want their parents or family members seeing. It is all kept secret with a password so parents and other people that have your phone can’t access it without the password.

This is the logo for one of the many Hidden Text apps.

Not only can this be used for the ‘Sexting’ of young people but it can also be used so bullies don’t get caught out. Hiding harassing texts or threatening texts is dangerous and no one would actually know what has been said and by who. The app also gives clear instructions on how to hide the text.

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