Hilary and Pete have been married for five years. Originally from Uganda, he is a Commonwealth soldier based in Wiltshire. His assaults against her had became progressively worse with both police and Army Welfare involvement. Hilary self referred to Splitz after being given our leaflet at the Hive. Hilary was struggling to accept her failed marriage, which culturally is considered shameful. Pete had been back to Uganda and married again, which seems to be legal in Uganda. He wanted to bring his second wife and baby into the quarters; escalating acrimony.

Pete automatically had UK citizenship as he was a member of the Armed Forces, however Hilary didn’t. Acquiring a visa was a priority and she was helped to find an immigration solicitor through the Army Families Federation.

Hilary was in fear for her life and a safety plan was made involving the Unit Welfare staff and including relevant emergency phone numbers. Pete was removed from the married quarter and put in the barracks. He was told to keep away from the quarters. Hilary was advised to contact the police if she was threatened, but needed reassurance that the police would attend as her experience in Uganda was somewhat different.

In the end she was afraid to stay in the married quarters alone and decided to stay with friends. Hilary found somewhere to else to stay, and with help from Army Welfare she was supported through the process of handing over her quarter.

Hilary’s health improved and her confidence increased. She made friends and joined in with local activities, increasing her social network. She is now thinking of attending university.

As support came to an end Hilary received news that she had been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain. She now feels safe for the first time in many years and is setting future goals with confidence.

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