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This pack is an educational toolkit for the benefit of children of primary age and is a resource for primary schools to help inform, explore and manage the impact of domestic violence and abuse. It is intended to ancourage discussion and debate to increase safety, confidence and identitu as well as aiding emotional awareness and positive relationships.


This toolit has been designed to support and inform parents; to aid them to help children and young people understand and manage the difficulties of contact after domestic and sexual abuse. It is intended to encourage exploration, discussion and debate; to aid understanding, increase safety and security, as well as build confidence and emotional awareness in parents and their children.


This toolkit has been designed to help you navigate the (often rather jargon-filled) world of housing choices..

We understand that the transition from primary to secondary school can be both exciting and nerve wracking. Starting secondary school is a great opportunity to meet new people and build new relationships. The most important message we hope you take away from this toolkit is that you are never alone.

This pack is an educational toolkit, developed with young people for the benefit of young people, and is for use as a resource to help prevent domestic abuse and encourage discussion and debate around healthy relationships and self-esteem.


This toolkit has been developed to provide BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) communities living in the UK with resources to identify the help and support available to keep them safe and protected from domestic abuse.

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