Single Point of Access - SPA
Tel: 01225 775276
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Which areas do we cover

Domestic abuse services are provided in the Wiltshire Council local authority area.

Sexual violence services are provided in Wiltshire Council local authority area and the Borough of Swindon.

How to refer to us

We accept self referrals and agency referrals. For self referrals please call our Single Point of Access (SPA ) on 01225 775276, or complete the online self referral on our website. For agency referrals we ask for a professionals referral form and DASH risk assessment form to be sent by secure email. We do not accept referrals by post and no longer have a fax.

Risk Assessment

It would greatly assist the referral process if the referring agency completed a standard DASH risk assessment form. This form is issued by Safe Lives and used by agencies across the country.

If a risk assessment results in a high score (14 or more yes answers) and there has been an incident in the last three months, the individual needs to be referred to the MARAC and to find the Wiltshire referral form go to the SafeLives website. Please note that when a referral form is sent to MARAC it should also be sent to Splitz using secure email.

Our secure email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You can only send a secure email if your secure email provider is registered with CJSM, our secure email provider.


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