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Healthy Relationships Programme

Delivered in schools, TeenzTalk is a set of 12 workshops for young people providing comprehensive prevention and intervention services that address the problems of abuse in teenage lives.


News Update:

Autumn Term 2015

Splitz's TeenzTalk schools programme in Wiltshire started off the new term at a cracking pace. One school, new to our team, had our facilitators presenting their introduction session to a whole class of Year 11 students! Normally, and for future sessions, the healthy relationship programme will be delivered in gender specific groups, allowing the team to focus in on the particular challenges that face the different sexes.

The Year 11 Pastoral lead who was present said, “I thought the session was fantastic, the young people really enjoyed it; this programme is very exciting and educating for them.  The consent clip shown was just brilliant and I am going to show my own children this at home!” “Normally these young people would never be placed in a class room together but it worked really well!”

As for the consent clip mentioned? check it out on you tube

Brief report on Summer Term 2015

As of 20 July 2015, we  have completed TeenzTalk programmes with 3 Wiltshire schools.

In the autumn term, we will be delivering the standard TeenzTalk programme in 4 schools:

Learning points:

We have found that different schools, perhaps unsurprisingly, have differing requirements which has tested our capacity to be flexible in delivery.

• One school had boys and girls in year 10 forming separate gangs. This led to both girls and boys causing trouble for each other at school, in the community and on social media.

• Two schools were worried about sexual exploitation, as some of their girls were getting involved with older boys in their community

• One school particularly wanted a complete focus on effective communication and bullying 


• 3 girls have disclosed sexual exploitation – entered into the safeguarding process

• 2 girls have disclosed they have been raped – entered into the safeguarding process

• 5 young people gave sufficient cause for concern to have been immediately referred to our main (and separate) programme of one-one intervention sessions with our youth support worker.


Mental health, domestic violence, bullying and obesity top the list of pupil health and safeguarding concerns for schools across England, a survey of 1,180 head teachers suggests. The survey produced by The Key (www.thekeysupport.com) reveals that the most concerning pupil health and safeguarding issues for head teachers and other school leaders in England are:

Source: The Key Summer Survey


Eligibility Criteria

Area of Benefit

The service is available in Wiltshire schools only.

Accessing the Project

To discuss this service and how it might be useful in your school please contact Sam Cooper Young people's Coordinator on 01225 777724; mobile 07956819878 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .