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The Blues with Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a method of connecting computer devices including mobile phones, iPads, laptops and computers.

While each of these risks is a nuisance, bluesnarfing and bluebugging are particularly serious. With bluesnarfing, hackers can gain access to stored data, such as a phonebook, calendar or to clone a phone.

Bluebugging, on the other hand allows hackers to make phone calls from the mobile phone they control. They can write messages and send them from the phone and they can even eavesdrop on private conversations.

Always disable Bluetooth functionality on your phone when it’s not in use.

In your Bluetooth menu you are given the option to either ‘accept’ everything that someone tries to send you, or you can click the option ‘always accept’.  If you do choose to always accept data then you can’t control who sends you what and if your Bluetooth is always active people close by could send you images, videos, voice notes and various other things via Bluetooth and some of these could carry viruses or could be things you do not want to see or hear. For example you could have explicit pictures of people you may or may not know sent to your phone.