Liz, a lone parent with 3 children was referred to Community4 by the Paloma Project when she required support to move to a new area after experiencing domestic violence.

One of Liz’s issues was a lack of confidence and it was thought that this was mostly caused by a lack of knowledge of her housing options. Her confidence visibly improved when the different housing options had been explained. Liz decided and was determined that she wanted to move as quickly as possible and discounted refuge accommodation as it would be distressing for her daughters and choice based lettings as it would take too long and expose her to further risk from her ex-husband.

Liz felt that other members of her minority group were watching her and reporting back to her ex and his family. For this reason she decided to move to the city, a city where she had one trusted friend and large enough for her and her children to remain anonymous. After receiving information on local housing allowance rates available with the local authority, Liz found herself a privately rented home. She asked for and received help with contacting Southampton council and completing the housing register application.

With support, she applied for and was awarded a budgeting loan for rent in advance and removal costs. After help from C4, she terminated her tenancy with her social landlord and closed her existing utility accounts and set up new ones on her property in Southampton.

Although Liz was motivated to move forward she asked for support in her new area. Accordingly, we researched appropriate local agencies and a referral was made. Liz engaged found the support helpful. After Liz had moved to the city she remained in telephone contact with us for a couple of weeks until she felt confident enough to move forward with local support. Liz and her family successfully moved into their new home and she enrolled into her second year course at a college.

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