Mr Brown was referred to the Turnaround programme via Social Services. Mr Brown was being abusive to his partner and there was concern about neglect of the children.

Mr Brown started the programme in July and his partner was offered support alongside the programme. He engaged well with staff and was very remorseful for his past use of abusive behaviour. His children were experiencing issues and the eldest had been placed in care.

Social Services noticed a significant change in his behaviour. His partner had been experiencing some issues but had struggled to access support, and Mr Brown had not been offering support. After talking with programme staff he decided to work less and spend more time with his family.

Due to the positive changes and improvements Mr Brown made, Social Services decided to assess him for his ability to become full time carer to the children allowing Mrs Brown the opportunity to get the help she required. Mr Brown gave up his job in order to provide this care and settled into a routine with the children.

One of the children was referred to Splitz KidzPace. She was on the verge of being expelled from school and was demonstrating some very challenging behaviour. She is now settled at school and succeeding.

Mrs Brown is accessing the support she requires and the family situation is beginning to turn around. Mr Brown remains in touch and will attend the follow-on group once his home situation is settled.

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