Santander Trowbridge Joining the Fight Against Domestic Abuse

A new fundraising venture has been started as a result of a local initiative by the team at Santander Bank (Trowbridge branch).

During a recent series of meetings between Splitz personnel and the local banking team, it was evident that they were hugely moved by the existing and growing need of vulnerable women and children in the Trowbridge area who were experiencing the trauma of domestic abuse. Splitz's provision of Survivors Groups was particularly well received. The bank staff saw such groups as providing not only safe places but as ideal vehicles of support. Each Survivor Group was properly facilitated by a skilled support worker, but run with the aim of self-help and support from the Survivors themselves. The local Santander bank team were, in their own professional roles, very aware of the need to provide quality and timely advice; the Santander team acknowledged the cost effective work being done and have wholeheartedly thrown themselves into raising the funds to ensure the programme can continue.

Please support the Santander staff in whatever way you can. 

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