Devon Domestic Abuse Support Service (DDASS) is delighted that Exeter Council has chosen to support our Young People Safeguarding Team in their work around creating ‘Safe and Sound’ - a toolkit for primary age children who experience the impact of domestic abuse.

The grant of £3,680 will enable material to be created which emphasises a specific need for early intervention and ‘think family’ in relation to abusive relationships impacting on young children.

The effectiveness of early intervention has been well researched. Young people, even at primary age who have experienced the trauma and horrors of domestic abuse are recognised to often engage in risk-taking or challenging behaviour, involvement in anti-social or low level criminal activities, which can escalate until they require more costly and intensive intervention, including specialist mental health support. This innovative pilot project, developed in conjunction with staff members of 7 Exeter primary schools will form a key element in determining future local needs in Devon and how those needs can be safely tackled, with particularly emphasis on wellbeing and safety of young primary school age children.

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