TEENZTALK, which is Splitz's intervention programme for 14-16 years old pupils in Wiltshire schools, is powering ahead successfully delivering a 12 week programme tackling major causes of concern on health and wellbeing, specifically healthy relationships and the pressures of todays internet age around cyber bullying and sexting. A recent survey of almost 1200 head teachers paints an increasingly desperate situation.

Stacy Hyde, freed after five years in jail for killing a violent man in self-defence, says she is not the only one who has been failed by the justice system.Stacey Hyde cannot listen to the 999 call that graphically captures the moment she killed a man. It records the violent struggle six years ago when she was attacked by Vincent Francis and fought for her life.

Splitz is delighted to receive a donation of £100 via Mrs Lorraine Spring of Bradford on Avon. The funds were generated by a 'Cake and Bake' event organised by the Bradford on Avon Feminist Society - congratulations to them and to Abi who set up the society at St Laurence School.

The Wiltshire Times has picked up on our recent award of £10,000 from Awards for All (Big Lottery) to run drama related groups for young people who have experienced domestic abuse.

Oxford’s first Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO) was granted on Wednesday. It came after a man was arrested for common assault against his wife, police said. It is the first time Oxfordshire courts and Thames Valley Police have used the order since the powers were introduced in June last year.

A new law on domestic violence that criminalises “coercive control” could exclude women with disabilities, who are particularly vulnerable to such abuse, say campaigners. The new legislation, part of the Serious Crime Bill, will make it illegal for someone to exercise psychological, emotional or financial control over their partner. We welcome the law because we believe coercive control is often a prelude to violence.

Strictly speaking, a Catch-22 is ‘a problematic situation for which the only solution is denied by a circumstance inherent in the problem or by a rule’. For example, losing something is typically a conventional problem; to solve it, one looks for the lost item until one finds it. But if the thing lost is one's glasses, one can't see to look for them - a Catch-22.


11 October 2016

As part of Hate Crime Awareness Week CPS nationally has launched a public consultation and is asking for community views to help shape future policy to improve the response to homophobic and transphobic hate crime.

This year the One Billion Rising day of awareness lands on a weekend - Saturday 14 February 2015. One Billion Rising is an international campaign to engage, awaken and join people worldwide to end violence against women and girls.

There are events in various locations around the UK. If there isn't one near you then why not plan your own event. There are lots of useful tips and resources on the One Billion Rising website.

Keeping yourself safe when using the Internet is something everyone needs to know how to do. It is not always as technical or complicated as you might think. There is an excellent article on the Women's Aid website, which provides lots of useful information on how to do this.

We have included a button on our website that will take you to another web page if you feel you need to cover your tracks. However, by using the Back button it is possible for someone to


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