Revenge Porn is an offence. We are entitled to ask why it is seemingly not being taken seriously? Figures released last month from 31 police forces after an FOI request by the BBC revealed that most offences of revenge porn do not result in a criminal charge.

It's hard to think of a person more in need of emergency accommodation than a woman fleeing domestic violence. Yet, when one such woman turned to a London council for help recently, she was sent back to her abuser.

When it’s good, he’s charming: holds your hand in public, and lets you share his sweets in the cinema. When it’s bad: the constant criticism, the sulks, the explosive rages, the intimidation, the isolation – it’s so relentless, lonely and bewildering, you start to doubt reality. “Maybe it is me?” you think. You say sorry. Try harder.

Stalking is something very dangerous. Half of all domestic violence-related stalkers will carry out the threats they make against the victim, and in stranger stalking cases it’s one in 10 so it is vital that this is taken seriously.

Dame Jenni Murray has defended The Archers' controversial attempted murder storyline, insisting it is "not a step too far".

National Stalking Awareness Week (18 - 24 April) reminds us of the emotional turmoil, fear and distressed caused to those who are subject to the unwanted attention of others. It is a crime!

Little Henry (son of Helen) of 'Archers' fame is in trouble and he doesn't know it - why should he? He is only 5 years old.

'Farming Today' BBC Radio 4 is the early morning flagship programme, for the work and people of the farming communities. Today's programme had a comment on 'The Archers' storyline from the Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service (GDASS).


The Archers (BBC Radio 4) storyline about the arrival of the charming farmer Rob, who whisked Helen off her feet before embarking on a subtle but deeply horrifying campaign of emotional abuse, has gripped and appalled the country.

A place at a women's refuge is both a blessing and a harbinger of 'trouble and toil' to come, as the abused woman fleeing domestic abuse often forfeit their homes to escape the violence, the coercion and the toll it takes in terms of their mental wellbeing.

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