'Farming Today' BBC Radio 4 is the early morning flagship programme, for the work and people of the farming communities. Today's programme had a comment on 'The Archers' storyline from the Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service (GDASS).


The Archers (BBC Radio 4) storyline about the arrival of the charming farmer Rob, who whisked Helen off her feet before embarking on a subtle but deeply horrifying campaign of emotional abuse, has gripped and appalled the country.

A place at a women's refuge is both a blessing and a harbinger of 'trouble and toil' to come, as the abused woman fleeing domestic abuse often forfeit their homes to escape the violence, the coercion and the toll it takes in terms of their mental wellbeing.

It beggar's belief that we have a criminal justice system that is so removed from reality that it can introduce such puny custodial terms for brutal assaults on women.

On the same day the BBC domestic abuse documentary 'Behind Closed Doors' was being aired, we had the chilling newspaper article of the tragic deaths of a mum and dad, discovered by their 9 year old daughter.

The 'Behind Closed Doors' documentary is bitingly stark and direct. Why is it needed? Why do we need to watch it?

Behind Closed Doors - A 'must watch' documentary on domestic abuse is being aired on BBC1 at 9pm Monday 14 March. Narrated by Olivia Coleman it gained unprecedented access to Thames Valley Police’s domestic abuse team, offering rare insight into what is described as 'the most common violent crime to take place in the home'.

Do perpetrator programmes work? I suppose if you think about any behavioural change programme, the honest answer is - maybe! No, that's not quite right. The honest answer is 'it's up to you'.

Splitz works with male perpetrators of domestic abuse - in fact in Wiltshire, we deliver a highly regarded and successful (Respect Accredited) 25 week programme to tackle male perpetrating and abusive behaviour.


It's great to hear from those we have helped and supported  to recover their self confidence and look forward to a life without fear.

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