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Myths and Facts: Male Sexual Abuse and Assault (Male Survivors Partnership, 2019)


Cultural myths surrounding the sexual abuse and assault of boys and men can be serious obstacles to understanding and healing, so it’s important to learn just how wrong they are.


ISVA Team - We need to the educate public and professionals – challenge myths.Myths can prevent individuals from reporting.


  1. The myth that boys can’t be sexually used or

Many people worry about reporting rape and sexual assault because;


Male ISVA Clients:


Felt it was my fault

Felt Embarrassed/guilty/shame

Didn’t think I’d be believed

Wanted to get on with my life

Didn’t want to upset my family

Not trusting Police/professional

I didn’t know how to say – not having words

Confusion from professionals – not knowing what to do

Fear of being judged gay

Being seen a weak – female perpetrator

Fear of military – how I


On Friday 28th September we will be migrating to a new phone system.

There is a chance you may not be able to reach us on our landlines (01225 775276 or 01225 777724) for a short time while our phone lines are ported to our new provider. We cannot be sure when this will take place so there is a chance you may also be cut off during your call.

If you experience difficulties contacting us or your worker on that day please try again.

Alternatively, email This email


We are looking for candidates with passion to oversee a Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme for men. We need a Programme Coordinator for 37 hrsper week.

The programmes run in Gloucestershire aim to improve the safety of victims of domestic abuse. Programmes include a voluntary structured 25 week programme for male perpetrators with an integrated women’s safety worker, a healthy relationships group programme and 1-2-1 behaviour change interventions for male and female perpetrators.

The structured programme is based on the Duluth model and


It is now possible to search the Internet without leaving a record that can be viewed at a later date. This is called Private Browsing or Incognito Mode and is available in most browsers. To see how to use this feature follow the link below for the web browsers you use.



It is with great sadness that Splitz said goodbye to Andy Samuels this month.


Splitz have once again been successful in maintaining our Mentoring & Befriending Approved Provider Status (APS) from the NCVO for the Buddy Scheme.

Those who access our services, and those who fund them, can be reassured that the best practice and quality is maintained in all that we do!

The whole Splitz team is saddened to bid goodbye to one of its stalwart supporters from the early days of our life as a support charity.

Heart Radio Devon supporting DDASS


Local coverage continues of the excellent work of the Exeter based team of domestic abuse specialists who have been commissioned by Devon Council to tackle the challenges facing victims and their families

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