Myths and Facts:Male Sexual Abuse and Assault (Male Survivors Partnership, 2019)


Cultural myths surrounding the sexual abuse and assault of boys and men can be serious obstacles to understanding and healing, so it’s important to learn just how wrong they are.


ISVA Team - We need to the educate public and professionals – challenge myths.Myths can prevent individuals from reporting.


  1. The myth that boys can’t be sexually used or

I have included comments from ISVA male clients and also from other agencies. We have only just started collecting this data. Many people worry about reporting rape and sexual assault because:


Male ISVA Clients:


Felt it was my fault

Felt Embarrassed/guilty/shame

Didn’t think I’d be believed

Wanted to get on with my life

Didn’t want to upset my family

Not trusting Police/professional

I didn’t know how to say – not having words

Confusion from professionals – not knowing what to


We offer free, confidential and independent practical and emotional support to Men  living in Swindon  who has been raped or sexually assaulted, whether the assault took place recently or in the past. We support clients whether they have reported to the Police or not.

We support and treat clients with respect, regardless of their age, disability, position in life, gender reassignment, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion/faith or race.

We understand the difficulties you may face in coming to terms with the after-effects


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It is with great sadness that Splitz said goodbye to Andy Samuels this month.


Splitz have once again been successful in maintaining our Mentoring & Befriending Approved Provider Status (APS) from the NCVO for the Buddy Scheme.

Those who access our services, and those who fund them, can be reassured that the best practice and quality is maintained in all that we do!

The whole Splitz team is saddened to bid goodbye to one of its stalwart supporters from the early days of our life as a support charity.

Heart Radio Devon supporting DDASS

Local coverage continues of the excellent work of the Exeter based team of domestic abuse specialists who have been commissioned by Devon Council to tackle the challenges facing victims and their families

Don't take our word for it, but the quality of the domestic abuse training by our front line practitioners continues to be reflected in the evaluation feedback from satisfied clients.

Splitz Devon Team Receive Council Accolade For Their Work

Devon's campaign against domestic violence and abuse has again made significant progress over the past year. But, says the Devon based Splitz Devon Domestic Abuse Support Service (DDASS) the battle is far from won.

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